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Check out the audio and video examples below for an overview of Erin's music.

Gladly Playe Wyth Stryngs featuring Erin on hammered dulcimer:

From The Well featuring Erin on violin:


Mythica featuring Erin on fiddle:

Melissa Cox featuring Erin on violin:

Recordings featuring Erin with Mythica and Melissa Cox

Dangerous Little Monster (2006)

Mythica's debut CD featuring four songs composed by Melissa Cox. Erin performs on violin, keyboard/synth, Irish whistle, and hammered dulcimer.

Vicarious (2007)

Mythica's second CD. Songs composed by Melissa Cox. Erin performs on violin, keyboard, Irish whistle, hammered dulcimer, and backing vocals.

Harmonious Maladies (2011)

Melissa Cox's solo CD, featuring Erin on keyboard/synth, violin, and hammered dulcimer.

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From The Well, "Our Kate"

Composed by Kathryn Tickell

Arranged by Bill Stine


Melissa Cox and Mythica, "Don't Be"

Hawaii News Now

March 2012

Mythica, "Tolkien's Fever/Flowers of Edinburgh"

Hawaii News Now

March 2012

Mythica, "Maluaka Beach"

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church

Alexandria, VA

September 9, 2012

Mythica, "Shallow Deep"

Adelphia Music Hall

Marietta, OH

March 15, 2012

Mythica, "For Patrick" music video

Director: Gregg Rummel

Editor: Erica Ford


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